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DekTek Tile Shipping Terms:

DekTek Tile offers FREE SHIPPING on 250 square feet or more in the continental U.S.A. when shipping business to business. Lift gate service is not included in the free shipping. If you do not have a means of taking the pallets off the trucks, i.e. forklift or tractor, then you will need to purchase the lift gate service at an additional cost.

If you would like to ship DekTek Tile decking to a residence, we can upgrade your shipping to a residential delivery. You are responsible to pay the difference in cost for residential delivery versus business delivery, anything over and above the standard business delivery charges.

Shipping Outside of the Continental U.S.A.

DekTek Tile can make logistical arrangements for the concrete deck tiles to ship anywhere in the world. If your order is 200 square feet or larger, we can ship to the freight forwarder of your choice free of charge. (Lift gate service not included)

*These shipping terms listed above do not apply to DekTek Tile Dealers*


DO NOT GET PALLETS OF TILE WET! DekTek Tiles must be kept dry while in the pallet (maximum of 14 days in pallets).  There is a protective pad between the tiles, that if it gets wet IT WILL DISCOLOR THE TILE!!!  If you plan on leaving the pallets outside, you must cover them well. If you plan on leaving the tiles outside for longer than 14 days, the tiles must be sealed to prevent discoloration.


DekTek Tiles cannot be stored longer than 14 days in the pallets because the protective pads can hold moisture and cause discoloration. If tiles need to be stored longer than 14 days, tiles should be taken out of the pallet and sealed. Once the sealed tiles have dried for 48 hours, you can re-stack in pallets or elsewhere using the same protective pads to protect the face of the tile. Be sure to stack the tiles back to back and face to face. Please call 218-380-9330 if you are not clear on this process. If you do not seal your tiles within 14 days DekTek Tile is not responsible for any discoloration or coloring issues. 

DekTek Tile Damage Policy:

We do our best to make sure shipments go as smoothly as possible. Sometimes however, circumstances outside of our control happen. In the unfortunate event freight damage were to occur on your shipment please be sure to follow our Damage Reporting Policy:

 Damage Reporting Policy:

Even though we palletize the shipments very well, sometimes freight damage can occur. These are the steps that need to be taken:

  1. When the shipment arrives, check pallets for any obvious damage. Any pallet of tiles that is visibly damaged on initial inspection needs to be reported immediately to the driver of the freight company. We will then file a claim with the freight carrier and replace damaged tiles.

  2. Even if there is not any visible damage to the shipment, it is your responsibility to inspect the tiles WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS and report damage of any kind within 3 business days after delivery. Our freight carriers only give us a small window to file a claim, so please understand if you were to report damage after 3 business days, DekTek Tile won’t be held responsible for replacing damaged goods, as we do not have any recourse with the freight carriers that caused the damage. In the event damage is reported to DekTek Tile after 3 business days, we will file a claim and do what we can to get reimbursement, but it will be up to the individual freight carrier whether they will honor any claims at that point or not.

  3. Upon inspection of the tiles, if damage did occur, photos of damage need to be taken and submitted to DekTek Tile. We will need to pass this along to our freight carriers in order to file a claim. You can either email to: or text to 612-770-5725. Please note that some chipped or broken tiles can be used for cutting edge pieces.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The DekTek Tile Team