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At DekTek Tile™, we take pride in the exceptional beauty, uniqueness, and craftsmanship we create in each of our concrete tiles. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm for creating outdoor elegance with our customers, leaving them completely satisfied with their beautiful new decks and outdoor living spaces.


Every order is custom, hand-crafted, and made-to-order, because of this, we are unable to accept returns. If damage occurs while shipping, we will provide replacement. Damaged tiles need to be reported as damaged within three (3) business days upon delivery. Please note, a cracked or chipped tile can also be used for an edge cut piece.


Purchaser is solely responsible for choices made regarding color and number of tiles (sq. ft.) needed. Do not forget to factor in waste for cutting the tiles. We recommend adding 5-10% more tiles than your actual square footage to account for scrap. This should be based on tile layout, angles, and number of cuts required.


Color choices are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Picture shown of the DekTek Tiles vary drastically depending on lighting and other variables. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to order samples to confirm your color choice. Samples are only representative of some of the color variances within each color option. For example, the Tuscan Medley tiles because they are acid stained, can have more than 40 color variations. The standard DekTek Tile™ color selections will have up to 14 different slight color variations. A tile sample/s only represents some of the variations.


Within three business (3) days upon delivery, if a customer is dissatisfied with their color selection, they may exchange the order for new color(s) selection. The customer must, send ALL shipment of tiles being exchanged to DekTek Tile™ and handling expenses. ALL shipping and handling expenses are nonrefundable.


Individual tiles that are damaged in the shipping process may be replaced. Please call 218-380- 9330 to discuss this matter with the DekTek Tile™ customer service team.



Even though we palletize the shipments very well, sometimes damage can occur.  If any damage occurs, these are the steps that need to be taken:

1.    When the shipment arrives, check pallets for any obvious damage. Any pallet of tiles that is visibly damaged on initial inspection needs to be reported immediately to the driver of the freight company. We will then file a claim with the freight carrier and replace damaged tiles.


2.    Even if there is not any visible damage to the shipment, it is your responsibility to inspect the tiles WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS and report damage of any kind within 3 business days after delivery. Our freight carriers only give us a small window to file a claim, so please understand if you were to report damage after 3 business days, DekTek Tile won’t be held responsible for replacing damaged goods, as we do not have any recourse with the freight carriers that caused the damage. In the event damage is reported to DekTek Tile after 3 business days, we will file a claim and do what we can to get reimbursement, but it will be up to the individual freight carrier whether they will honor any claims at that point or not.


3.   Upon inspection of the tiles, if damage did occur, photos of damage need to be taken and submitted to DekTek Tile. We will need to pass this along to our freight carriers in order to file a claim. You can either email to: or text to 612-770-5725. Please note that some chipped or broken tiles can be used for cutting edge pieces.



DekTek Tile™ Samples are non-refundable. It is up to the purchasers’ discretion as to what samples are purchased. Samples are paid for separately and cannot be returned. Within three (3) business days, the event that tiles are damaged, replacement tiles will be sent.


For questions concerning returns or damage contact us at 218-380-9330. Our customer service department will be happy to help.