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Order Samples


Whether you are interested in DekTek Tiles for your own home, or a client’s home, we highly recommend samples are purchased.


Pictures of DekTek Tiles can vary drastically in different lighting. There can be a substantial difference in how the concrete pavers appear, based on if the photos were taken in the shade or light. This is why we highly suggest samples are purchased, to ensure your satisfaction with the color selection you chosen. Plus, samples will allow you to see and feel the textures of the deck tiles.


There are 2 sample size options. We have our standard DekTek Tile size which is 1” x 16” x 16”. The other options are the DekTek Mini Samples which are 7/8” x 6” x 6”. The DekTek Tile Mini samples are a great way to touch, feel, and see the elegant concrete tiles with only 15% of the weight. DekTek Tile Minis weigh approximately 3 pounds per sample vs. 20 pounds per full size tile.


Call DekTek Tile at 218-380-9330 or click on the link to order your samples. We also have custom coloring options.